Rules and Payouts


The 2016 racing schedule includes nearly (25) events of family friendly racing competition. Our ultimate goal is to create a racing environment that is both fun and safe for the whole family. Outlined in this handbook are the rules to which we will abide by to continue to provide our customers a safe place to race. Included in this handbook is a set of guidelines, which will pertain to any/every event held at Crossville Dragway. We believe this packet will be to your benefit. Please read all of its contents.


It is important for every participant to understand this essential rule of drag racing: “Prime responsibility for the safe condition and operation of any vehicle in competition rests with the vehicle owner, driver, and crew members.” The track operator’s main concern is to provide a safe place to conduct racing events. IHRA and Crossville Dragway produced guidelines based on experience and knowledgeable information to help conduct said events in the most organized fashion. The observance and understanding of the standards that Crossville Dragway has outlined in this handbook is required for all participants, including owners, drivers, and crewmembers. It is important that all participants understand that drag racing is dangerous. Therefore, no express or implied warranty of safety is created for publication of or compliance with IHRA & Crossville Dragway rules, nor does compliance with IHRA & Crossville Dragway rules guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.

Drag racing is a dangerous sport. With that, there is no such thing as a guaranteed safe drag race. Drag racing carries the risk of personal injury or death in many ways. This risk will always exist no matter how involved many will become to make this sport safer. Although Crossville Dragway is dedicated to promoting and enhancing this safety within our sport, this does not reduce the risk associated with drag racing. It is the participants own responsibility to determine his/her involvement and accept all risk of injury, whether due to negligence, vehicle failure, or otherwise. If at any point the participant does not agree to the responsibility of said risks, the participant will not participate in the sport of drag racing.

Each racer must read and understand the following disclaimer, this disclaimer is part of your official tech card and must be READ and SIGNED before any competitor is allowed to participate.

In order to participate in events located at Crossville Dragway, I affirm that I have read, understand, and agree to be bound by all IHRA rules, regulations, and guidelines, including, but not limited, to those contained in the IHRA rulebook, with specific reference, but not limited to the rules, regulations, and agreements contained in the Administration Procedures and Appeals Section of the IHRA rulebook that are incorporated herin by reference. I have the authority to bind the vehicle’s owner to these terms if the owner is someone other than myself. I agree that IHRA and this facility make no representations, warranties, or assurances that a technical inspection, including review of any written information, will:

  • Detect every or any vehicle, equipment, clothing, or rule compliance problem; or
  • Prevent injury, death, or damage to property

I agree that I bear the ultimate responsibility at all times to ensure the safety of the vehicle, equipment, and clothing in question, and for compliance with all IHRA rules, regulations and agreements referred to above. I agree that I am in the best position to know the construction and operation of the vehicle, equipment, and clothing in question, and compliance with all IHRA rules, regulations, and agreements referred to above. I agree that participation in any and every aspect of the sport of drag racing is a privilege, not a right, and wish to participate in accordance with all of the forgoing.


An IHRA sanctioned track

We follow the rules and regulations of the International Hot Rod Association. If you are not already a member, we encourage all drivers to become IHRA members. The IHRA rulebook is an important source of information. It lists safety requirements for your race vehicle to pass tech inspection prior to racing. Every competitor should possess and read their IHRA rulebook. These are rules that are thoroughly enforced at Crossville Dragway. Also included in the rulebook is expectations for behavior. SAFETY is our number one priority.

Alcoholic beverages are not to be brought into Crossville Dragway. We are a licensed TABC facility, and it is against Tennessee state law to consume alcohol not purchased from Crossville Raceway. Violators will be disqualified from the current event, and are subject to disqualification from future events. Any driver, crew member, or person associated with a driver or crew member who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol, any illegal drug, or any judgment impairing substance will be expelled from Crossville Dragway, along with the entire crew and vehicle associated with the offender, at the discretion of the track manager.

The speed limit at Crossville Dragway is 10 MPH in all areas excluding the racing surface. Any violator endangering others with reckless driving habits, whether in a race vehicle or pit vehicle, will be expelled from the facility, along with the crew associated with the offender. Burnouts are permitted only in the burnout box.

Abusive, profane, or offensive language or actions is prohibited at Crossville Dragway. This is grounds for immediate disqualification from any event, suspension of racing privledges, and the right to attend future events at Crossville Dragway. The severity of such punishments is left to the discretion of the track manager and Crossville Dragway officials.


  1. The Pre-Stage Lights are turned on by infrared beams that run across the racetrack. They are used to show where the vehicle is on the racetrack.
  2. The Stage Lights are activated when the racer has their vehicle pull approximately 7 inches further forward from the Pre-Stage Lights, which activates the Stage Light. This indicates that the driver and vehicle are ready to make a pass.
  3. With the driver ready to make a pass, the three Amber Lights will activate in order (all at once on a Pro tree, or sequentially by .5 tenths of a second on a Full tree). The driver’s job is to ‘anticipate’ the green light coming up, not leave when the light turns green.
  4. If a driver leaves the starting line and the green light is on, the driver succeeded on leaving ‘on-time’ per say not leaving too early.
  5. When a driver leaves too early, the red light will turn on. Using the example of an Olympic foot race, the red light would come on when a sprinter leaves before the gun fires.

The optimal reaction time for a racer to have is a .500, dubbed a Perfect Reaction Time. To do this, the driver will have to do a perfect job of anticipating the green light turning on. A racer’s reaction time is a crucial part of bracket racing, as anything slower than a .500 reaction time words towards your ‘handicap’. Again referring to the Olympic foot race, having a slow reaction time is no different than an Olympic official firing his starting gun, and the sprinter having a late start. The sprinter still has a chance to win the race, but it will be tougher because of the ‘handicapped’ reaction time.

ACCUTIME SYSTEM – Crossville Dragway uses the latest Accutime Timing System. Listed below are some of the most commonly used features.

AUTO START – The Autostart System will automatically start the Tree at a random pace within a given window. When both drivers are Pre-Staged, the starter will flip the Autostart switch. When one driver stages, the other will have 10 seconds to stage their car, otherwise the Accutime system will ‘time them out’ and ultimately disqualifies them. Once both cars have staged for 0.6 seconds, the Tree will come on between 0.6 and 1.4 (full tree = 0.6-1.1) seconds later, depending on the class. The system will vary the start sequence by randomly adding up the 0.2 seconds, preventing racers from “guessing” when the Tree will come on. The starter is able to stop the sequence if necessary, and can reactivate the Tree himself by “overriding” if that is required.

CROSS OVER– This program allows the Tree to be fully shielded, but still allows drivers in Super Pro, Super Comp, Top Comp, Top Dragster and Top Sportsman classes to leave off their opponent’s tree. CROSS OVER functions by the lighting the top bulb in both lanes at the exact same time. This allows both cars a clean “hit” on the tree. The slower car’s Tree will continue counting down as normal. The quicker car’s top light will remain lit for the duration of the handicap, plus the normal 0.5 seconds, before counting down the second and third lights as normal. If you have any questions or do not understand how CROSS OVER works, please consult one of the Crossville Dragway’s officials.Drivers should check the scoreboard before staging. There will be no re-runs for incorrect tree configurations.

LED’s – Crossville Dragway uses LED amber lights in the Christmas Tree at every point (except green and red). They are more reliable than an ordinary light and less prone to failure. Please note that all LED lights are not equal.

COURTESY STAGING – Out of courtesy to your fellow competitor, we encourage COURTESY STAGING. As you stage your car, please pull forward to the first light (pre-stage) comes on. At that point, you should wait until the car in the opposite lane has done the same. When both cars have pre-staged, either one may then pull into the second beam which fully stages that car. PLEASE NOTE: the system registers a car as staged if the stage light is on for at least 0.6 seconds. Therefore, be extra cautious when “bumping” into the lights.

DEEP STAGING – Some drivers prefer to pull into the beams so far that they turn off the pre-stage light. This procedure is illegal in certain IHRA classes, (see IHRA rulebook). If you choose to deep stage, you do so at your own risk. Do not write “deep” on your car. (If the starter doesn know he CAN NOT hold the tree DO WRITE DEEP!!! But even with deep on the car if the starter misses it or decideds to activate because it is taking to long to stage it IS NOT A RE RUN SITUATION)The starter is under no obligation to wait for a driver who deep stages.


HELMET – Drivers of all cars 8.59 and quicker are required to have an approved SN, SA, M or K-2000 or newer helmet. See the 2016 IHRA Rulebook or a Crossville Dragway official if you have any questions regarding the safety of a helmet.

RUNNING VEHICLES/ JACK STANDS – All running vehicles must have a driver seated in the driver position while engine is running. No vehicle can be on floor jack only without jack stands securely in place, failure to comply is grounds for immediate disqualification.

STALL CHECK – No driver may stall check converter (power brake or Transbrake) in staging lanes. Only available place is your pit spot with vehicle secured with minimum (2) jack stands with driver in seated position, failure to comply is grounds for immediate disqualification.

NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH   – All vehicles with aftermarket shifter must have a functional neutral safety switch. Must be able to demonstrate to tech official upon request that starter will only engage in “P” park or “N” neutral.

ENGINE DIAPER – Drivers of all cars 6.49 and quicker are requested to have an engine containment system (diaper or belly pan). While Crossville Dragway recognizes this is not an IHRA requirement, you and your competitor’s safety are our primary concern. In addition this significantly reduces the tracks clean up time and helps reduce costly downtime.

CLOTHING – ALL drivers and passengers are required to wear full-length pants, short- or long sleeved shirt, closed shoes, and socks. Shorts, tank tops, open-toe/heel, or sandals are prohibited. Protective clothing required per IHRA rulebook. All drivers of open cockpit vehicles will be required to use arm restraints.

DIAL-INS – Must be visible from the tower. Placed on passenger side, front and rear window. Dial-in must be in place and cannot be changed when the car is 3 vehicles back from the head of staging lanes, unless approved by the Event Director. Check the scoreboard before staging. ABSOLUTELY NO RE-RUNS DUE TO INCORRECT DIAL-IN – CHECK SCOREBORDS BEFORE STAGING.

CAR NUMBERS- Required 6” high by 1 ½” wide on both sides and front and rear window. Electronic, flip dial, or vinyl numbers is highly recommended.

DRIVERS – All drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license. All drivers under the age of 18 must have a parent permission form on file which is signed by both parents prior to passing tech inspection.

RESTRICTED ACCESS – Drivers and crew must sign the Release & Wavier of Liability at each event. Signers will be given Restricted Area Wristbands which must be clearly worn at all times while in the restricted area. Maximum number of (2) crew members permitted past head of staging lanes. Crew members must vacate restricted area as soon as their team has left starting line. Violators will not be tolerated. Waivers are available in the office located in staging lanes.

LANE CHOICE – Lane choice is determined by a coin flip on all laddered eliminators, non-laddered competitors will be assigned lanes by our staging staff.

RE-RUNS – In the event that a timing malfunction may occur, drivers may change their dial-ins (at Event Directors discretion). switching lanes is prohibited.

RANDOM PAIRING – You are considered paired with another competitor whenever the staging lane director has pointed to both competitors. Once paired, if one competitor is unable to compete, the other competitor will receive a bye run.

LADDERS – Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman will be random pairings until there are 16 cars left, at which time laddering will begin based off previous round reaction time.  High School, and Jr. classes will be laddered for round one based off reaction times from their qualifying runs. (I WOULD RNDOM PAIR JRS UNTILL 8 CARS at that point ladder of reaction or closest to dial)

PAYOUT – Payouts are guaranteed based on car count. Payouts will be clearly posted at office (located on the LH side of staging lanes) Most classes pay to the semi-finals. In most cases, if there are only three semi-finalists, the odd –lot money goes to the driver who lost in the quarter-finals with the best reaction time.

SINGLE RUNS – In non-laddered competition, the competitor with the best reaction time in the most recent round will be pulled aside and will run last. If there is an odd number of cars, this competitor will receive a bye run.


– first round bye will be picked from the last time trial using best reaction time. Tie breakers are faster mph then coin flip

– all bye runs after first round will be chosen from previous round using best reaction time. MPH and coin flip are tie breakers

– bye run stays with the driver until it is used

– only one bye run per driver per event

– In the case that all remaining drivers have had a bye, best package from previous round will be used.

– If driver with bye run is paired up then bye run driver will receive lane choice

– all bye runs must stage and take the tree to advance to the next round

– driver can not refuse a bye run if they are chosen for one

Please help keep traffic in the pits to a minimum. Operators of any vehicle must have a valid state driver’s license. IMPORTANT: absolutely no one under 16 years of age may operate any vehicle or anything with wheels. This includes but is not limited to: golf carts, quads, 3-wheelers, motorcycles, mopeds, bikes, rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards, scooter, and or tricycles.


If a race is rained out during eliminations, drivers earn points based on the last completed round in their class. As an example, if a race is halted at any point before AFTER the start of eliminations, but prior to the completion of round 4 all drivers in said class would get points up to round 3. Refunds for rain outs are as follows : 1) an event called prior to start of time trials will receive 100% refund. 2) an event called during time trials but prior to eliminations will receive 50% refund. 3) an event called during eliminations will receive no refund. In all cases, the race director will make the final decision.

I would change number 2 to last line and use it as a “Break” refund if you break after one run you receive 50% if you complete both TT and brake before E1 you receive no refund. I would also change recung to a “rain check to the next race”


1 Point tech in

   * 2 points for an entry

   * 2 points for each round win

   * Class winner receives 2 bonus points for the win.

   * Buy backs receive 1 point for each round win after buying back. And one point for a class win

   * Points are awarded to the driver not the car.


Since its inception, the IHRA and Crossville Dragway have held safety as the number one priority at all times. Drag racing is an inherently dangerous sport, and because of that, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that every competitor is in the safest racing environment possible. However, there is always a possibility for accidents to occur. We believe that together, IHRA and Crossville Dragway, can work to prevent incidents from occurring.

SUPER PRO CLASS    4.00 – 7.69

 – delay boxes and data recorders permitted

– delay boxes are not permitted to display any engine rpm while racing

– no computors 

– wiring from tach to delay box is prohibited

– MSD 7761 is not allowed

– no deep staging allowed

– crosstalk will be utilized

– autostart will be used

 PRO CLASS     5.69 – 8.99

 – no delay boxes allowed; delay box can not be in the car

– no computors; no data recorders allowed

– deep staging is allowed

– no crosstalk will be used

– autostart will be used

– ignition systems that have timing event capabilities must have the memory card removed from assembly

  and the ignition box must be out of the drivers reach when racing


 – no electronics allowed; including two steps, throttle stops, electric/air shifters or timers

– a single line lock allowed on a non-drive wheel only

– no computors; no data recorders allowed

– no transbrakes

– autostart will be used

– no crosstalk will be used


 – 5 year old participants will make single runs only; no competition runs

– no pull backs allowed

– crewmembers prohibited from touching any part of the car after the pre-stage light is on

– removal of tire covers must not slow down staging process

– must be towed from designated line on the return road back to their pit


 – Each driver testing must have a signed test card turned in to the tower before going down track

– premium test sessions must be approved by the race director


 – cars in lanes 1 and 3 will use the left lane

– cars in lanes 2 and 4 wil use the right lane

– Staging Director has the right to pair cars to avoid single runs during time trials


 – cars will be directed to a lane during eliminations by a track official. Changing lanes is not permitted

– Staging Director may direct cars to alternate lanes to achieve random pairings during eliminations

– once you have entered the staging lanes you may not pull out of order for any reason, mechanical or otherwise

  You must stay in line and have car ready to fire when you are directed to the ready line. If unable to proceed from

  ready line you will be put on a one minute time limit.  If time expires the other driver will receive a competition bye.


 – one driver per car during eliminations. Maximum of two entries per driver per class.

– two drivers in one car only allowed if entered in different classes

– it is the drivers responsibility to return to staging for second run before the last pair of cars have run.  The track will not

  wait for any reason. If driver is not back and ready to fire in time, driver will forfiet run and it will be considered a loss.


 – first round bye will be picked from the last time trial using best reaction time. Tie breakers are faster mph then coin flip

– all bye runs after first round will be chosen from previous round using best reaction time. MPH and coin flip are tie breakers

– bye run stays with the driver until it is used

– only one bye run per driver per event

– In the case that all remaining drivers have had a bye, best package from previous round will be used.

– If driver with bye run is paired up then bye run driver will receive lane choice

– all bye runs must stage and take the tree to advance to the next round

– driver can not refuse a bye run if they are chosen for one


 – Car dial-ins must be on the front right of windshield and on the rear windshield. Dragsters must use a dial board facing

  the right side of the vehicle.

– It is the driver’s responsibility to verify both dial-ins on the score boards before prestaging.  

If a driver prestages they have

accepted both dial-ins.  Driver can not back out of prestage if other driver is already prestaged.

– Dial-ins may be changed between rounds but must stay within class limits

– If staging deep, you must have it on the window below your dial-in


 – Courtesy staging is in effect, starter has the discretion on making a car back out and restage

– Prestaging and staging must be in a forward motion and done under the power of the car

– Backing up to reheat tires, align car position or dry hop is at the discretion of the starter.  If the starter directs you to stage you must do so.

– A reasonable amount of time will be permitted for drivers to stage.  That time is at the sole discretion of the starter.

  Burn downs are not permitted.

– Failure to stage upon starters direction will be grounds for disqualification.

– Deep staging is a luxury, not a right.

– When deep staging, do not stop pulling forward until you have turned on both stage lights.That is considered prestaged for deep staging

  cars. If you are not deep staged before the other car is staged, you will have 8 seconds to “go deep” before the tree is activated.

– A missed deep stage by the starter is not grounds for a rerun or reinstatement.


 – Scoreboards are for your convenience and are not official.

– The tower timing system is official should any descrepancy occur.


 – During eliminations, if you are on a single run you must stage and take the tree. Exiting the track before the finish line is not permitted

  and will result in a disqualification/loss. You are permitted to back out and re-enter the staging lanes to cool, but may not return to the

  pits for any reason.

– “First or Worst” rule is in effect at all times.

– In the event that a driver commits a red light or breakout and the other driver can not cross the finish line under its own power,

  the red lighting/breakout driver will be considered the round winner.

– Re-runs are only authorized by the Race Director.  All decisions by the Race Director are final.

– You may not use the return road (Jones Ave.) while cars are preparing to stage.  Wait behind the line until both cars have left the starting line before

  proceeding.  Jones Ave. is a one-way road that travels south to north.  No pedestrian traffic is allowed on this road.

– Car in the right lane has the right of way to turn off at the end of the track.

– When the track lights are on, you must have at least one working tail light on your car and it must be on.


 – You must have a wrist band on your arm to enter any restricted areas. Only two crew members per race car are allowed in restricted areas and

  they must have a wrist band on their arm.

– Race cars have the right of way in all restricted areas.


 – If an entered driver can not make at least one attempted run down the track, they must contact the Race Director before leaving the

  event to receive a ‘break pass’.  If allowed, your tech card will be held at the front gate for use at a later date.  No refunds are allowed

  and you must pay the spectator fee the day of using the break pass.

– Once you have purchased a tech card you will not receive a refund.  You may change classes if necessary but must inform the

  Race Director before eliminations begin.

– Break Passes can only be used one time even if your car breaks again.


 – First round buy backs are available at the front gate.  They must be purchased before the start of the second round of the

  class you are entered in

– Only the original driver is allowed to purchase a buy back and continue in the second round.


 – Speed limit in the pits is 10 mph

– Cars should travel in a counterclockwise direction while warming up.  Warming up on the track is prohibited.

– No launches, burnouts or checking stall speed is allowed on pit roads. 

– Cars must be on jack stands and in their pit when checking convertor stall speed.


 – All pit vehicles must give the right of way to race cars.  Pull over and let them pass.

– You must be at least 16 years old to operate any type of vehicle on the property of Crossville Raceway

– Anyone operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner will have their driving privledges revoked.


 – Fires must be in a contained fire system.  All fires and combustibles must be cleaned up before leaving the premises.

– Burning trash is prohibited.


 – You must sign up for points to be eligible for the class championships.

– Points will begin on the date that you sign up and are not retroactive.

– A driver must attempt at least one time trial to receive entry points. 

– Break passes will receive entry points for one race only.

 – Points are awarded as follows:

   * 2 points for an entry

   * 2 points for each round win

   * Class runner-up receives 1 bonus point for the runner-up finish.

   * Buy backs receive 1 point for each round win after buying back.

  * Buy backs receive 1 point for each Eliminator win after buying back.

   * Points are awarded to the driver not the car.


 – Traction control devices of any type, electronic or mechanical is prohibited.

   * Traction control is any device or system that uses live data to control a function of the vehicle which are not controlled

     by the driver.  These devices are,but not limited to, timing control based on driveline, wheel or engine acceleration,

     brake control, throttle control, vertical acceleration meters, misfire control, stutter box, relays, time to location, gas to location,

     and/or rpm activated chips.


 – Drivers, crewmembers and anyone with restricted area access are prohibited from consuming alcohol while participating in a race.

– Possessing or using Illegal drugs and/or unprescribed drugs is prohibited on the property of Crossville Raceway

– Any violation of these rules will result in the immediate removal from the premises and may result in further legal actions.

– All drivers and crew members agree to drug and alcohol testing upon the request of the Race Director.


 – Track officials reserve the right to inspect any racecar entered in competition.

– Track officials reserve the right to question any racer to ensure the proper use and/or function of any equipment or part in or around 

   the racecar in question.

– If a racer prohibits inspection or fails to answer questions for any reason they will be banned from competition at Crossville Raceway indefinitely.

– If the car fails inspection or the driver fails to answer any question, the driver forfeits all points and payouts.

– Random inspection will take place during the year to ensure safety and rule compliance.


 – No person is allowed in the operations tower for any reason.

– All complaints will be addressed by the racer (one person) and the Race Director at a private, predetermined location.  Only the racer,

  Race Director and witness (chosen by Race Director) will be allowed in the meeting unless the Director deems it necessary for other

  people to be present.  No friends, spouses or others will be allowed.

– Cursing, yelling, screaming, making threats and any other out of control behavior will not be tolerated.

– The intention of this meeting will be to come to an agreement suitable to both parties.  If that is not possible, the Race Director will

  have the final decision.

– Cursing and/or inappropiate gestures directed at track personnel or in the presence of children or junior racers is prohibited.

– Any violation of the complaint policy rules may result in suspension, forfeiture of payouts, and forfeiture of points. 


 – In the event that weather prevents the completion of an event and two rounds have been completed, the event will be considered

  completed.  Class purses will be divided between the remaining drivers.  Purses will be calculated according to the number of drivers

  remaining in competition. 

– If two rounds have not been completed and weather prevents the event from continuing, a rain check for each driver in competiton

  will be awarded.  Driver’s tech card will be held at the front gate for use by that driver at a later date.

– Rain checks have no monetary value and no refunds will be given.

– Crewmember and spectator admission fees are non-refundable and rain checks are not available unless authorized by the Track Manager.

– All rain checks and break passes must be used before the end of the year in which they were purchased.


 – Gold cards are only valid for one year at Crossville Raceway

– Gold cards are valid for one entry to the person and in the class represented on the card.  Cards are valid for Crossville Raceway bracket series races only.  

  They are not valid for any special event or event not sanctioned by Crossville Raceway  If any scheduled event is in question please contact the

  Track Manager for clarification prior to that event


– Pit parking spots for weekly events are available and may be reserved on an annual basis

– Reserved pit parking does not apply to Specialty Events


 – all winnings should be picked up at the payout room the night of the event earned.

– payout room will be closed 30 minutes after the event is over.


Crossville Dragway reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.

All decisions by the Track Manager are final

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